Red Lips

wearing// American Apparel mesh dress, vintage denim dress, Tony Bianco boots

I recently wore this outfit to go shopping with friends on Chapel St. Initially, I thought that the mesh against the denim would clash, but I was pleasantly surprised. The contrast of the thick denim of the shift dress against the delicate mesh made the dress look less like a sack (which has definitely happened before).

I've been trying out some new lip colours during the last couples weeks, and I think that the classic red lip will be a staple of mine. It's a bold colour that suits everyone and matches nearly every outfit I want to wear. Even though I have a slight complex about my big lips, I'm trying to embrace them and not feel so freaked out about wearing bright colours on my lips.

On a side note: The biggest new years resolution of mine this year is to only buy/wear things that are black, white, grey or blue (denim). This way I will never be caught out with the inevitable "I have nothing to wear, even though I have a full wardrobe" problem that every girl goes through. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this resolution up!

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