Old School

Helmut Lang asymmetric bra, American Apparel denim skirt, Nike Air sneakers
I recently bought these Nike Airs at a market - for a bargain price of only $5, so obviously I was eager to take them out for a spin. I'm completely in love with how effortless they look when worn, and the fact that they are so comfortable is definitely a plus. Even though the Nike Free Runs and Fly Knits etc. are all the fuss at the moment, but I'm still a sucker for the old school Nike Airs. 

I nearly cried with joy when I found this Helmut Lang bra on eBay. I'd nearly given up buying it, since it was completely sold out from other online stores, but luckily the fashion god was looking out for me. Even though it's not the most comfortable bra to wear, it was still 100% worth it since it is so unique and aesthetically pleasing. 


Zara leather sandals
This is my first blog post, so I though I'd start with some thing I love. Pretty much every blogger and their mum have these sandals, but I still think they're an essential. They look elegant with any outfit, which just makes up for how painful they are to wear. 

I just finished Year 12, so I will hopefully be posting as often as possible. Expect outfits, hauls, DIYs and much more.