Sorry for the complete absence from the blog for the last couple of months! The transition from high school to university definitely hasn't been the easiest, and my lack of study load organisation resulted in me being absolutely drowned in work. But with the holidays finally rolling around, I'm 100% committed to making this blog bigger and better; with new outfit posts, diys and more. 

In the mean time, please feel free to be in absolute awe of the new Maison Martin Margiela collection, like I have been. Here are just a couple of the beautiful pieces from the 2015 resort collection, though I highly recommend checking the rest of the collection out too.

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I am so excited for all the amazing outfit choices that the coming seasons will allow me to wear. I've made a few polyvore grids on my new account (here) that include some of the key pieces that I hope to wear in Autumn/Winter - but maybe on a slightly less designer scale, since my student budget isn't that flexible. Hope everyone likes these inspiration/wish list posts since they're a lot of fun (and maybe a bit dangerous for my bank account) to make.

Red Lips

wearing// American Apparel mesh dress, vintage denim dress, Tony Bianco boots

I recently wore this outfit to go shopping with friends on Chapel St. Initially, I thought that the mesh against the denim would clash, but I was pleasantly surprised. The contrast of the thick denim of the shift dress against the delicate mesh made the dress look less like a sack (which has definitely happened before).

I've been trying out some new lip colours during the last couples weeks, and I think that the classic red lip will be a staple of mine. It's a bold colour that suits everyone and matches nearly every outfit I want to wear. Even though I have a slight complex about my big lips, I'm trying to embrace them and not feel so freaked out about wearing bright colours on my lips.

On a side note: The biggest new years resolution of mine this year is to only buy/wear things that are black, white, grey or blue (denim). This way I will never be caught out with the inevitable "I have nothing to wear, even though I have a full wardrobe" problem that every girl goes through. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this resolution up!

Baby its cold outside... not

I don't really know where my current obsession with oversized wool coats has come from. Maybe it's stemmed from my want of weather less than 30+ degrees. Or maybe it's come from my aspiration to look like a chic Swedish blogger by the time Winter comes around - it could really be either of the two. Anyway, I thought doing a post on some amazing coats would be a form of wishful thinking for the future - weather wise, and also style wise.

I'm particulary eyeing off the dark grey coat with lapels, so next time I see one similar in store, I will definitely be purchasing it. If only there was a COS in Australia that provided beautiful coats all year round...


Comfort Over Couture

Melbourne weather is completely unpredictable. One minute it's pouring with rain, the next it's 30 degrees and the sun is blazing, so I was lucky to get these shots in before the wind got too crazy. I'm still finding it hard to look thoughtful/serious in my photos, since all I want to do is smile and laugh at myself while I try to keep a straight face. I'm making steady progress from my last post (where I look homicidal..) but there's definitely room for improvement.

wearing// ASOS cat eye sunglasses, Witchery grey tee, DIY boyfriend jeans, Birkenstock Arizona in white leather, Chanel knockoff bag

I've been wearing the boyfriend's clothing/man repeller look lately, with my boyfriend jeans and Birkenstocks, but its so comfortable that I honestly can't stop myself wearing duplicates of this outfit again and again. The Arizonas were an impulse buy a couple weeks ago, but instead of feeling buyers remorse, I'm rejoicing in the arch supporting foot saviours. The boyfriend jeans are also a DIY from a while back, and even though it took ages to slowly pick out each fabric fibre, it was so worth it. I'm mentally patting my back for achieving the One Teaspoon baggies look for $4 and not $120.